Monday, July 28, 2008

Weighty Matters

Today's post from one of the many blogs that I subscribe to is one worth sharing. I know that many people don't want to know how many calories they're about to consume. I also think that most of us would make a quick reconsideration when we discovered (with a shock) just how many calories were in those "healthy choice" options on the menus of our favorite restaurants.

I already know that my favorite desserts are loaded. I may pass once in a awhile if I knew just how many calories were in them, but probably not. Over all I'd say that the more info we have, the better choices we can make. For example--I probably wouldn't have eaten six Burger King Whoppers in a sitting if I'd have realized that the fat calories alone would feed a small family for a day. Maybe you don't care how many calories you're consuming. If that's the case, it won't really matter if they are posted. I think that it's a good idea and should be adopted around the country.
Here's your opportunity to weigh in on the issue. (pun intended)

Comments anyone?



Sicilian said...

I am very aware of calorie count. . . . I have given up many items I love. . . . Slurpees. . . .600 calories. . . . my favorite fast food is 7 layer burritos . . . 500 calories.
My bike gives me the amount of calories I burn . . . . it isn't enough.
Need to consume less. . .Oh how hard it is to age.

Mike said...

Do you really want to know how many calories are in a Ted Drews concrete?

John said...

I'm sure that the Super Dutchman with hot fudge instead of chocolate has a ton of calories. Knowing exactly how many might convince me to down-size to a jumbo but that's all and doubtful. I get Ted Drewe's too seldom to pass it up!

By the way, I think that we'll be in St. Louis the weekend of the 16th.

See you then.