Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Say It Ain't So!

Yes friends, it's two posts in one day.

Last Saturday, June 28th, I made the trip to Kansas City to watch the St. Louis Cardinals beat the Kansas City Royals. Now I'll admit that the Royals swept the Cards in St. Louis and won the game on Friday night. But for the game that I was at...the Cards were winners! I'm grateful to all of my friends that made the trip with me (both Cards fans and Royals fans).

It was way back in February (when teams are gearing up for Spring Training) that I placed my call to the group sales office in Kansas City. Tickets weren't even on sale yet. I left a message and as soon as tickets went on sale, Rachelle called me and made the deal. Rachelle has helped me in the past with group sales and if you are planning a trip to KC with a group, give her a call @ 816-921-8000. Ask for Rachelle and I promise that she'll take good care of you.

I love the big dog with the grilled onions and kraut. Aaron goes for the foot-long bratwurst. Aaron's girlfriend Jenny went with us and found her self in a bit of a bind. You see, this otherwise very smart girl is a Cub fan. So even though she wasn't cheering for the Royals, she couldn't really make herself cheer for the Cardinals. I did get her to at least clap when the Cards made a good play, but "go Cards" never crossed her lips. I know that she is a smart, attractive girl, but I have to wonder about the long term implications of a relationship with a Cub fan. I'm wondering if Aaron is going to allow a grandchild of mine to be dressed in Cub outfit. Heaven forbid!

I had a great time and I hope that everybody else did, too.



Bilbo said...

Ah, ballpark hot dogs! The best reason for sitting through a baseball game! I have only been to one baseball game anywhere since my hometown Pittsburgh Pirates played at Forbes Field (and had to chase dinosaurs from the outfield to play)...it was Tampa Bay against somebody...I was in Tampa on business at the time, and we wrapped up early one day to take in the afternoon game. It was fun enough, but baseball just isn't my thing. Hot dogs are. Glad you had a good time!

Mike said...

A Cardinal fan trying to be pleasant to a Cubs fan. Jenny will truly test your faith.

Gary said...

Do you have a phone number for Aaron? He must be WARNED immediately! A cubs fan???? And I always thought he was the sharpest pencil in the box!!!

Sicilian said...

We love baseball. . . . hope to see a pro game this summer. . . . gas prices are really killing us.

Steve said...

Excuse me for injecting a little bit of history here. I seem to recall a certain magician/blogger growing up as a Cubs fan--complete with the elbow up little league baseball stance ala Ernie Banks (as opposed to the Cardinals fans little leaguers with the closed Lou Brock stance). I'm not sure when the transformation (or, evolution) to a Cardinals fan occurred, but it was sometime in adulthood.

I can't believe that a person of faith such as yourself, and a person who experienced his own evolution, would cast doubt on young Jenny. She's not done yet. Have faith.

Mike said...

Hey! did you do two posts in one day to cover your posting butt for two WEEKS?