Friday, July 25, 2008

Two Year Anniversary

Today marks the two year anniversary of Out of My Hat. It has been much different than I expected. I never really expected to have a readership that went beyond family and friends much less one that circled the globe. Thanks for stopping by.

It has been awhile since I've gone off on a rant or really had anything blog worthy. Today isn't much different. I will say that I received the much anticipated letter from Bilbo in today's mail and will have to begin my return letter. I still owe Amanda a card--Sorry, Amanda, and need to write again to my own computer challenged dad. Maybe this letter writing will take on a life of its own and we'll all see a resurgence in the art.

I'm experiencing more of the insanity that is our government while I spend time on administrative duties at work. On the one hand I am very grateful that the manager is allowing me to work in the office vs. burning up my sick leave. On the other hand there is so much needless and frustrating work that is done to justify somebody's job way up the line that one has to wonder--How did we ever manage to be a world power when so much time, energy and money is being wasted on bureaucracy? I figure that it will be at least two more weeks: one week 'til my test and then God only knows how long it will take the flight surgeon to get around to reading the results and taking an action. In the mean time, your hard earned tax dollars are continuing to support me and my family while I do a job that I'm not trained for and the radar room is short one more controller.

Turning to politics...
(do we really want to go there?)
Recent e-mails have been forwarded by the religious right declaring Barack Obama to be the Antichrist. Just Google Obama, Antichrist and you'll be directed to many blogs, articles and sites giving the reasons for that author's claims. I find it interesting that christian (lower case intentional) radicals think that they can keep the Antichrist out of office by getting people to vote against him.

Hey, genius, if you really believe him to be the Antichrist then his coming to power is fulfillment of prophesy and well out of your control! Don't you think that your time would be better spent telling people about the real Christ? If the end is near, maybe you should do a quick check on your own relationship with Jesus. Forget religion at this point. Let's talk about salvation vs. condemnation, heaven vs. hell, separating the wheat from the chaff! What ever the words you choose, if the Antichrist is coming to power the Judgment Day is not far off!


That was me falling off my soapbox. Sorry 'bout that. I'll just stay off it so that nobody gets hurt.

By the way, my computer is now in the shop and I'm writing from my daughter's ancient laptop. The guy at the shop says, "The good news is that the part is readily available and only costs about ten dollars. Unfortunately we have to completely disassemble your laptop to get to it, install the new part and then reassemble it." Total cost: ten dollars for the part, one hundred and forty dollars for the labor! I think I'll make computer repair my next career (maybe sooner than I'd like).

You may have noticed that the coming events section to the right is blank. I've actually just booked a couple of events and will have them up soon. One is a back-to-school event and the other is a fall block party.

Tonight is the regular meeting of the Fellowship of Christian Magicians. I am looking forward to seeing one of our members that has been in Haiti. Actually I'm looking forward to seeing everybody...especially Dwayne.

I'd best be thinking about what magic I'll bring to the meeting and start getting ready.



Sicilian said...

John. . . . congrats on the 2 year anniversary. . . . dust yourself off after your fall from the soap box . . . get right back up there and prepare for more insanity. I get that stuff not only from "friend" BUT worse. . . family. . . . You said it better than I, but I am weary of the bogus info flying around.

Mike said...

Happy anniversary.
Shirley your not surprised about government operations and yes I just did call you Shirley.

Amanda said...

Happy Blogaversary!! No worries about the card. No matter when you send it, I'll still get a pleasant surprise one day when it arrives.

Bilbo said...

Congratulations on your anniversary! And enjoy your meeting of the Fellowship of Christian Magicians...just keep an eye on the fellow back from Haiti to make sure he didn't pick up any of that voodoo stuff. If any of his new tricks involve chicken feet, I'd leave right away.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!