Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Time off = Time out

Yes, I am taking two weeks off! Alright, I'm making a brief exception to post from the Carnival Cruise Ship Holiday.

We are on our way back home and I had a few minutes left after checking my e-mail and so forth. I noticed that my Google Reader shows 70+ posts to catch up on when I get back and have the time to casually peruse all of the blogs that I frequent.

This has been our first cruise and so I'll have a post about our adventures soon. I have had a good time but think that I prefer one location at an all inclusive resort to cruising. On the other hand, I wouldn't be opposed to taking another cruise in the future and think that it would be more fun with several friends along. There are at least two large family groups on board; one for a 60th Anniversary Cruise and the other is just a family get together.

Since I'm not a gambler or drinker, daytime activity is somewhat restricted to programs by the pool or sunning. There are other activities as well but I hate keeping to a schedule while on vacation.

We have a table to ourselves for evening dinner but have enjoyed meeting other cruisers at breakfast and lunch. We had a bit of rain yesterday while on the beach in Cozumal Mexico. Chris reminded us that rain on the beach in the Carribean was much better than rain in Missouri!

Well there is still a bit of vacationing to do so I'm off.

More in a few days.



Mike said...

You could have just told us you were gone for a while. You didn't have to tell us you were on a CARRIBEAN CRUISE!!!!

Bilbo said...

Glad you enjoyed your cruise! Agnes and I have been on two cruises so far (one to Alaska and one to the Eastern Caribbean), and we will be doing one to the "Mexican Riviera" later this year. We love cruising because it's just total relaxation...there are activities if you want them, but if you just want to sit and read or write or whatever, you can do that, too. It's a great vacation. By the way, your letter is still in the works...I have a few pages written already, but haven't touched it for about a week. Don't give's coming!

Kevin said...

I've done a few cruises in my life but all of them were aboard the USS Fresno, LST1182, while working a strict 8 hours on, 8 hours off schedule underway. But, I enjoyed being at sea and would love the chance to someday experience the kind of cruise you're on. Enjoy.
Photos from my past cruises. :)