Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Walking in Memphis

I am writing this afternoon from a computer in the main branch of the Memphis Public Library. I am here in Memphis to work on proceedures for the new airport that is being built in Branson, MO. The airport will be in our airspace but will require proceedures and coordination with Memphis Center due to the proximity to their airspace.

Today's meeting went well, much better than I had expected. Hopefully, we will wrap things up tomorrow and be able to get back a day ahead of schedule.

The reason that I am at the library is because I left my laptop at home. It was not intentional. It was packed up and ready to go and I just left it! Bummer for me. Anyway I wanted to get caught up on reading e-mail and your blogs so I found the library and figured to spend some time here before dinner. I did have a great lunch at some BBQ place that the center guys took us to. The pulled pork and the dry rub ribs were excellent.

On to your blogs for now. I'll have a longer post when I'm back at home.



Kevin said...

Wow...you mean to tell me that management is soliciting input from those who actually have to work the traffic?

We recently had some STARS developed for OMA approach but management wanted to go it alone. They should have asked us. We really do know what's best.

Bilbo said...

Have a safe trip! Nice to see that you went to the trouble of seeking out a place to blog from...that's dedication. Of course, Agnes would say that it's obsession, but what does she know, she doesn't blog.

Mike said...

Make it a big airport. Lots of people and taxable dollars for Missouri!