Saturday, February 23, 2008

Video Recording

Responding to Gooseberried's comment on my last post, I mentioned that I try to listen to myself whenever I'm recorded. It helps me to improve on my speaking. I cringe when I hear an "uh" or "um" and listen for other annoying phrases or quirks.

With this in mind, when I found out that the session at the Missouri Baptist State Evangelism Conference had been video recorded and was available on DVD, I purchased the set so that I could watch myself and make sure that I wasn't doing anything gross like picking my nose or something less offensive but none-the-less annoying.

I know that we've all heard that the camera adds about 10 pounds (4.5 kilos) to your look. Who would have thought that by using three cameras I'd blow up to the size of a small condo? Holy cow! The guy in the video was huge! I'm not sure if I did anything disgusting or not. I was having a hard time getting past how big I was.

I had already decided to lose some weight this year and set the modest goal of 1 pound per week. I only need to watch that DVD every now and then to keep up the motivation. By the end of the year I'll be as slim as the guy in my profile picture and can feel better about updating it. I just told my wife that when I lose some of this weight, I'm shaving off the beard. For now, the grey beard is better looking than the underlying fat face. I've already had to delete a couple of profile view pics that Aaron had posted on my Facebook page. So far the weight has been slowly coming off. I need to lose 30 pounds at a minimum and would love to make it the whole year for 50 pounds.

Time to hit the treadmill!


By the way, I subscribe to Michelle's blog. I don't remember how I ended up reading her stuff but I keep going back. I've added her to the Blogs I Frequent along with a couple of others. If you've checked any of these other blogs out, you know that they are quite varied in personality and content. Somehow I feel like these bloggers are my friends and I am pleased to introduce you to them. If you decide to drop by, tell them I said Hello.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout out!

I've never seen myself on camera, to be honest. I wouldn't be too excited about that.

Kevin said...'re taking the right approach to weight loss...slow and steady and measured over months.

Any chance you could upload some of your sermons/speaking engagements to the web to be downloaded? I'd be interested in hearing your words.

John said...

I've thought about putting some sermons on the web. Problem is that I am such a techno moron. I'll have to check with some of my geek friends before I do that!

Bilbo said...

I never had as much of an issue with video of myself as with audio recordings...I just KNOW I don't sound like that! Agnes and I have lots of video of us dancing, and most of the time I look suave and dashing, except when we turn a corner and the lights glare off the solar panel on the back of my head...

And I'm with Kevin: if you can get past the technochallenges, it would be interesting to hear some of your work on line.