Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Proud Teacher/Proud Student

Last weekend, Chris decided that the incentives were right to buy a new car--for her. All four of our vehicles have more than 100,000 miles on them. We went car shopping and took a drive in a Chevy Equinox. We looked right up to closing time and the salesman found a couple of suitable vehicles that they could make a dealer trade for.

On Monday, we got closer to getting down to what we wanted and and did some research on what we could expect to get on a trade-in on our '97 Astro Van. Tuesday I had to work and so Chris set out to make the deal. I know that she really wanted this deal to happen and called me when they wouldn't come up on their trade-in number and were just a bit high on the amount of the vehicle. I reminded her that we didn't have to buy the car and you can only get the best deal if you are willing to walk away from the deal. Well, guess what? She walked away...and drove straight to another dealership. She got the exact same car (not one like it, the SAME car) for a lower price and got the numbers we wanted on a trade! They picked up the car today from the dealership near Kansas City and it will be ours tomorrow.

I know that she is pleased that she made the deal. So am I. Way to go, Chris!

Pics on a later post.



Kevin said...

I always feel at such a disadvantage when shopping for a vehicle. The salesman negotiates for a living daily while I go up against them maybe once every 7 years. I'd say they have the upper hand but the one thing the consumer has is the ability to walk away and that one tool makes all the difference. Nice to see you use that tool to your full advantage. Tell Chris I'm very impressed

Enjoy your new ride!

Rich said...

Great news, man! Fight "the man!"


Mike said...

Way to go Chris!

Sicilian said...

John . . . . great advice. . . . you all were the winners . . . . and I know she feels great.