Thursday, February 14, 2008

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

It is a great comfort to know that pitchers and catchers are reporting to spring training this week. In Southwest Missouri we are thawing out from the ice storm that hit us on Monday. The kids are back in school today (first day this week) and will be making up a day tomorrow (they were scheduled off) and probably on Monday.

To help get in the "Baseball fever" mode, I purchased fifty...that's right five oh, tickets to the Cardinals vs. Royals game on the 28th of June. I am hoping to take one of the church buses for anyone that wants to travel that way. I know that many of you will want to make it a weekend trip and drive yourselves. Tickets are first come, first served and $24 each. It's section 307 if you want to visit the Royal's web site and check out the field view from the seats. Call me and get me a check to reserve your seats!

Cardinal single game tickets go on sale February 29th. Opening day is March 31st. Baseball season is upon us. Pujol's for President!


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Bilbo said...

While I enjoy playing baseball, I've never been able to get into watching it...much like bowling. It's nice that you get such pleasure from it, though - hope you get to see a Nats game when you're in DC in May!