Friday, February 08, 2008

Here comes the sun!

Well, Aaron finally made it home for the weekend from college. We have been waiting to surprise him with a car. We started looking for a Honda Del Sol when he was home for Christmas but really didn't find one that was suitable. They were only manufactured from '93 to '97 and are getting hard to find. I found this one right when he was heading back to school and made the deal on Tuesday (he left on Sunday). We decided not to tell him and have been waiting for him to grace us with his presence.

I know that he was really surprised and I hope that he enjoys it. He has been wanting a Del Sol since he first saw one before he ever had his license. I haven't posted anything about it 'cause I don't know if he ever reads (doubtful) his old man's rants. It's a Cardinal red '93 automatic, hardtop convertible. We had a new stereo installed (compliments of his girlfriend, Jenny) and ran it through the car wash before he came home. The only drawback is that you sit really low...about six inches from the ground! Aaron is about 6'4" and will look like a clown as he unfolds and stands as he gets out of the car. I'm surprised at how roomy it is, even for a big ol' boy like me. I can even wear my cowboy hat in it. (Yes, I have a cowboy hat! I even have the horses to go with it!)

We took it out for a drive and he has transferred all his stuff from the other car to this one already. He even gave me back the key to the Tracker...I guess he's done with that one!



Bilbo said...

Will you adopt me?

Anonymous said...

Lucky duck! Wish my parents would buy me a new car! I actually need one too.

Haha, that's funny about the Clinton/age realization. But now I'm curious, how old did you think I was?