Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Well I have completed another evangelism conference. This was the Mineral Area Association of Missouri Southern Baptists. The First Baptist Church of Bismark MO hosted the 2nd Annual Conference and did a grand job. The evangelists that came were great mentors, encouragers and friends.

I spent Sunday morning at the First Baptist Church of Park Hills and returned to First Baptist Church of Pilot Knob for the evening service. It is always a great thing to be invited back to a church! FBC Park Hills had a baptism, a profession of faith in Jesus and a family join the church! It was a great morning followed by a wonderful lunch at the church.

I had fun at each of the sessions with just a little bit of magic. I also booked a date for the Association's Youth Camp in June of this year and the week as Camp Pastor for Boy's Camp in '09 to coincide with a weekend revival in Potosi MO.

This weekend (Sat-Tues) I'll be at the Laclede Association Conference and looking forward to another great time with some old friends. I've added a March 2nd date at Living Waters Community Church in Nixa MO and looks like an April 9-13 Revival in Salem MO will be added as well. As often as work gets in the way of ministry, I'm glad that I'll be eligible to retire in just 3yrs and 11mos. I think that I'll have worked into full time evangelism by then. God just continues to open doors and make so many events possible in spite of my current schedule.

I've had another "non-event" or cancellation or misunderstanding about a booked date. I think that I'll move to a "contract" or signed agreement for dates in the future. It will probably be a good idea for both magic events as well as preaching dates. That way we can know what each party is expecting in the way of program length and content, accommodations, meals, expenses, etc. The date and times will be clear and that will eliminate most misunderstandings. Even churches can be rather inconsiderate about late cancellations or last minute changes.

Hopefully I'll have more time to make a more complete post while at the next conference. Internet access at the last place was limited so I mostly just used the computer for some games!



Mike said...

"I'll be eligible to retire in just 3yrs and 11mos"

I bet you know the days, hours and minutes too John.

But also, here's the thing about being retirement elegible and continuing to work. The only thing they can do to you is make you retire. It's a whole different attitude. AND, if you go back as a contractor, talk about an attitude change.

Bilbo said...

Theoretically, I can retire in about nine years (assuming age 65). However, I'm married to Agnes, so I will probably be able to retire in about 25 years. It's interesting being retired from the Air Force with 23 years service, but still having to wait another bazillion years to "really" retire.