Saturday, May 26, 2018

Weekend notes

We are taking advantage of the holiday weekend to get away for a few days. We left shortly after Chris got home from work on Friday and are just going to spend a few days in nearby St. Louis.
I'm sitting in a downtown Starbucks and am a little surprised they are opened on the weekends.

We don't have any big plans. We started our weekend with a late night pizza (10:30ish) at Calico's downtown bar and grill. We'll probably enjoy a few of the St. Louis tourist things -- maybe the zoo or botanical gardens, and find a downtown place for dinner and some music. At some point we'll meet Chris' sister and we plan to detour on the way home Monday to see her dad, too.

I may post some pics from the weekend (I may not), but I expect that my internet exposure will be greatly reduced. I've been posting less often on Facebook and actually following fewer people. I may go back to linking my Twitter account to Facebook and just scrolling through my FB feed occasionally.

I've slowly been making my way through a book on my phone (Kindle app). I'm going to read more often so I can finish it and get started on my new project -- Ulysses!
James Joyce's Ulysses is one of those books that makes top spots in every must read list and every hardest to read list! A friend mentioned that he is trying (again) to get through it and was seeking input or encouragement that might help him in his struggles. The only thing I could offer in the way of encouragement was to commit to reading it myself.
Although it seems somewhat sacrilegious to read a book like Ulysses in digital format, it is downloaded to my phone and ready to read when I finish my current book. I do find the Kindle app a convenient tool for carrying books and being able to read whenever I find myself waiting or something. I sometimes have to remind myself that reading might be a better option than scrolling through social media feeds or playing another game of Scrabble.
I'll have to spend more time in my new backyard reading room -- a shaded hammock with mosquito netting!

Although it is doubtful that anyone will really notice, I'll be seeing less of you on social media and perhaps, you'll be seeing less of me.
I'm not being anti-social. I am being selectively social.

Enjoy your weekend.
Read a book.

John <><

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