Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Baseball, BBQ and Bikes

I've opted out of today's ride to see the Cardinals and Royals in St Louis in favor of riding to Memphis next week for the day game between the Memphis Redbirds and the Oklahoma City Dodgers, AAA affiliates of their respective teams. Maybe I'll find some Memphis BBQ to enjoy instead of a ballpark dog!
I suppose I could ride to both games and I most certainly wouldn't mind seeing both games; it's just that I still have a need to watch the spending thing. Although I get good mileage, there's still the cost of gas, tickets, concessions at the game and snacks or meals on the road. Since I've already been to a couple of the big bird's games this year, I thought I'd ride for one of the last mid-week day games in Memphis.
It's only about 50 miles farther to Memphis (than to St Louis) but will take a couple of hours longer to ride since there is much less Interstate and much more rural highway.

Speaking of rural highways...
Yesterday's ride on the Twisted Lady route through northwest Arkansas was great! The scenery was magnificent, the ride was enjoyable and the weather was beautiful! As expected, I didn't stop for any pictures. For the most part, there just isn't a safe place to pull over and take pictures along the rural highways, and even if there were, pictures really fail to capture the real feel of the spectacular views. At some point, I'm going to need to get a Go Pro or other camera to mount to my helmet or bike so that I can share some of what I see on a ride.

When you encounter several signs that say "Crooked and steep roads next __ miles," you know it's going to be a good ride! Because I'm able to do these rides mid-week instead of on the weekends, there is very little traffic and that suits me fine. The My Tracks app on my phone says it was a 206 mile ride. I stopped once for fuel, once for a soda and restroom break, and ended at my neighbor's bar for a pork tenderloin sandwich for a late lunch. I was home in plenty of time to relax and have dinner ready for Chris when she got home from work!

All cooked on the grill -- BBQd spicy Italian sausage, asparagus w/olive oil, salt, pepper, and garlic, sweet potato w/butter and cinnamon.

I'll let you know about the baseball and BBQ ride next week.

John <><

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