Monday, May 21, 2018

Ride Day

I skipped the Springfield Cardinals day game today (Monday) to do a little yard work. I need to be out for a few hours tomorrow and want to try to make the big league Cardinals' day game on Wednesday. I figured to get the work finished today and then be able to ride guilt free for the next couple of days.

Tomorrow's ride (today, if you're reading on Tuesday) will take me to the south into Arkansas. I may pause for a little coffee in Branson, or I may just fuel up at home before leaving. It's a 60 mile ride from home to Harrison AR where I'll pick up the route for the Twisted Lady.
126 miles, 517 curves plus the 120 miles to and from Harrison will make for a nice ride. I may try to stop and take a few pictures along the way ... or I may just enjoy the ride and not worry about stopping.

If the weather allows on Wednesday (I may have to dodge an afternoon thunderstorm) I hope to ride to St Louis for the final game of the I-70 series. Maybe I'll have a couple of interesting people interactions to share with you later this week.

Keep an eye out for us old guys on motorcycles.

John <><


Mike said...

Yard work, ride day, yard work, ride day, yard work, ride day. Hmmmmm. How about take a ride so you can think it over?

John Hill said...

I like the way you think, Mike!

John Hill said...

Up early (5am) to make Chris breakfast. Enjoying coffee at home and waiting for the fog to lift. Looks like a nice day for a ride!