Monday, September 11, 2017

Road Trip, Day 6

Yesterday afternoon I arrived at my brother's place in Charlotte VT.
The ride from Cornwall, Ontario was just beautiful. I probably should have stopped and taken a few pictures when crossing over the St Lawrence Seaway, but that isn't really my thing and I'm sure that the pictures wouldn't be an accurate representation of the beauty of the waterway.

I crossed the border into the US along with a couple of Canadian riders out for a Sunday ride. It was a husband and wife team, each riding their own Harleys and each in their upper 60s to around 70. We chatted briefly while waiting in line and then after crossing. They noticed my Missouri plate and were just asking about my ride. Earlier, I had met a man on his way home to Connecticut from visiting his girlfriend in Chicago. We had both stopped for fuel. I was leaving when he was going to get something to eat.

Last night I really enjoyed visiting with Steve. We picked up a pizza for dinner and found a place by the lake to eat and watch the sunset.

This is really a beautiful place. We watched the sun set, enjoyed dinner and marveled at peace and serenity of the lake.

This morning we had some tasty pancakes for breakfast -- banana, nuts, blueberries! Yum.

We picked up a neighbor's dog on our way to Mt Philo for a nice hike.
The dog was along to help us find our way down the trails since Steve admits to getting lost on occasion. Yeah, Daisy saved the day -- twice!

We made it back to Daisy's place and had a nice lunch while talking about Vermont and my travels when I leave here on Wednesday.

Here are some pics from our hike.

We also visited the Shelburne Museum this afternoon.
It's dinner time. I don't know what Steve is preparing, but it smells delicious.

John <><

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Big Sky Heidi said...

I'm glad your trip is going well, Bilbo!