Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Making God Look Bad Makes Us Look Bad

A Southern Baptist Pastor that delivered a message on the morning of President Trump's inauguration has said that God wants President Trump to "take out" Kim Jong Un of North Korea.

Geez! I'm not sure who looks worse after a statement like that -- God or the loud mouth jerk that claims to speak for him. I've really had enough of self serving, self-righteous, self-proclaimed Christians spewing false teachings in the name of little g - god!

Those that know me understand that I mean no irreverence to the God of the universe, but rather make the claim that the self-serving god of these false teachers is not the God of the Bible.
While I do believe that God calls on us to expound on the scriptures, I also believe that he calls on us to do so in a way that can be verified by the scriptures. I don't say that Jeffress isn't speaking for God because I disagree with him. I say it because his words disagree with the Bible.

I will give him the leeway to say that the Bible does say that all authority on earth is given by God and that the President has limited authority when it comes to war and putting our nation at risk (Congress has the ultimate say so in declaring war), but I don't think that God has confided in Pastor Jeffress that it is a part of His plan to have President Trump take out North Korea and put us at war.
And I don't think that most Christians or most Southern Baptists feel that way, either.

A clear example of the old saying -- Better to remain silent and thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.

John <><


Mike said...

The loud mouth jerk that claims to speak for him, that's who.

eViL pOp TaRt said...

John, your post today made me think a lot. Some people are so cynical, constrained, and short-sighted in their world view that they almost automatically take the cynical, pessimistic, and negative view of things. They look at concepts like grace and divine forgiveness and think, "What's the catch?" In some ways, people can be like birds. Some are like larks and swallows: they soar. And some run or hop along the ground, like chickens.

These people are unwilling to give God credit for his good works because they see everything through those sad lenses. Pray for them; but for God's sake and yours don't think like them.

May our God smile upon you, as he surely does.