Saturday, August 12, 2017

First sadness; then anger.

I had a good day today.
We spent most of the day with friends at the Route 66 Festival in Springfield MO -- The Birthplace of US 66. There were a great number of old cars and trucks and a large area dedicated to motorcycles. There were several music venues and many food and drink vendors.

Although I was aware of the events that were taking place in Charlottesville and the potential for violence, It was pretty much out of my thoughts throughout the day. After we left the festival, Chris and I had a nice dinner out. By the time we got home, the Cardinals were in the 2nd inning. I grabbed my computer and a good cigar and headed out to the deck to watch the game and enjoy my smoke.

While watching the game on the laptop, I began to scroll through my news feed on my phone.
As saddened as I was to hear of what took place in Charlottesville, I was even more saddened by the response and non-response by many politicians and religious leaders. Some comments on posts that did speak out against the hatred and violence were downright disgusting.

Every political leader
No, make that every citizen of this country needs to stand up and condemn the racist, white nationalist bullsh*t that is being spread by this movement. There is no alt-right. It's time to quit giving it a name that sounds like they are sane people of a different political belief. They are racists. They hate anything and anyone that is different from them. They want to take this country by force. They spew hatred, bring violence and blame others for their lack of ingenuity and intelligence.
Their leaders know what to say (and what not to say) to inspire hatred and followship; all the while acting as if they, themselves are innocent.

There is no place for such racist thinking in our society.
There is no defense for anyone that does not stand against such hatred.
There can be no neutrality on this issue.
Not from politicians.
Not from clergy.
Not from responsible citizens.

There will be no more silence from Out of My Hat.
While I don't plan on daily political rants; neither will I avoid them as I have in the past. If that's too much for you, I would suggest moving on.
Yes, I am angry! Most of you that read this are not the objects of my anger, but there are a few ...

I will call out racism, hatred and stupidity when I see it.
You should, too.

John <><


Mike said...

"call out racism, hatred and stupidity"

Here here!

Patrick Hill said...

I'm appalled at the lack of progress our country has made since the Emancipation Proclamation 154 years ago! Or the lack of progress our country has made since the Civil Rights movement 50 years ago. I'm normally very proud to be an American, but this is shameful! Why can't we get past this? How can someone even function in the modern world with this kind of hatred in his or her heart? How does someone conduct business, go grocery shopping, go to school or work, or even walk down the street with that kind of hatred? I'm sharing this post with the hope that it will go viral.

eViL pOp TaRt said...

Well expressed, John!