Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Thoughts on UFC 214

I didn't get to watch most of UFC 214 because of our family reunion. I did see the main event, the decision of the co-main event and video of the other fights.
As far as the actual fights go, I guess I don't have much to say.

There has been some pretty strong criticism of Tyron Woodley, the winner and still champion of the welterweight division. The UFC President feels strongly that it is the job of the fighters to bring exciting fights that put butts in the seats and sell PPV subscriptions. The Chosen One (T Woodley) figures it's his job to do whatever is necessary to win. I know that Saturday night's fight was a slow moving, 25 minute event, but the champ retained his title. I'm hoping that the champ will continue to remain classy in spite of the derogatory comments by the UFC.
If the UFC doesn't want to promote the champ, perhaps they can do just as well (financially) by promoting the fight or the challenger. After all, if making money is the object, does it really matter which fighter is the draw in a fight?
I think letting Woodley defend his belt in his hometown of St. Louis would be a good draw and he can defend it against the guy that he defeated to win it! I believe that he would show that he is capable of doing whatever it takes to win.

In the main event, the challenger Jon Jones regained his title by defeating Daniel Cormier (DC).
The two have had quite the rivalry over the years that has done damage to each of their reputations in my opinion. Jones has not been the kind of champion or athlete that you would want for a role model for your own kids. Whether DC's smack talk and out of the octagon interviews were a part of the pre-fight hype or not, I feel they have diminished his reputation as a person, as well.
In the end, Jones had some very good things to say about his opponent and DC acknowledged Jones' talent as a fighter (he always has).

I know that much of the pre-fight garbage is to get people to buy tickets or increase the viewing audience size, but the UFC has become like the WWE in that regard. I enjoy watching a good fight for the fight, and good fighters for their skill in the octagon rather than for their loud mouths and trash talking. I actually prefer fighters that show respect for their opponents and exhibit the kind of sportsmanship that we were taught when I was growing up. Maybe that's just a part of being old and a curmudgeon-in-training...

In any case, it is now time for the post fight evaluations. Perhaps DC will decide it's time to retire and continue with his career as a fight analyst with Fox. Jones is calling out Brock Lesnar in hopes of a big payday super fight.
UFC President Dana White has changed his mind about giving the winner of the Woodley/Maia fight a bout with returning superstar GSP and said that GSP will fight middleweight champ Micheal Bisping at a future date. The Bisping/GSP fight is another one of those fights that is about making money for the organization rather than letting the top contenders fight for the belt. Bisping has yet to defend his belt against a real contender -- but at least he has the mouth to talk a good fight. He is a veteran of the octagon and a good fighter but he'd rather tell you about it than demonstrate it and the UFC knows he's more valuable to keep as champ than to have him lose the belt to a less outspoken champion.

And yet, I still watch and enjoy the fights.
Just thinking out loud, so to speak...

John <><

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