Saturday, July 22, 2017

Oh, I'm Goin' for a Ride...

I'm getting a bit of a late start for my ride today. Late -- in that it's later than I was planning on, but when you have all day and you sleep until you're finished, I'm pretty much right on schedule!

For now, I'm at the local Starbucks inside of the Ozark Price Cutter grocery store. Here, again, I'm noticing a slimmer clientele than the general public. It's not as obvious as it was in the stand alone store, but still significant. I may have to start working out if I make this a regular habit.

I'm on my way scout out a place for viewing the eclipse next month. I'm thinking that I'll end up with around 500 miles for the day. It'll be hot and humid before the day is over, but it is July in the Ozarks!
I'm taking the long way, just because I can and I have no schedule to keep. Chris is in Denver this weekend for her annual sisters' weekend.

I rarely stop for pictures or conversation on my rides; I'm happiest when I'm just cruising along.
I managed a 100 mile evening ride yesterday and will top 22,000 miles for the 16+ months that I've owned this light cruising '06 Vulcan 900.

It is a bit of an exercise in patience to sit and enjoy my coffee and get a light breakfast before getting on the road. The coffee is a necessary evil and the breakfast will keep me from stopping for a junk food snack a little later.
But I'm like a little kid when it comes to riding and I am really looking forward to the day. I should be home in time to watch the UFC fights this afternoon while enjoying a cigar from my humidor and deciding which cigars to bring as gifts for next weekend's family reunion.

Coffee's finished and it's time to hit the road.
Here's a song that pops into my head when I'm looking forward to going for a ride. There isn't a verse for a motorcycle. Perhaps one of you would care to write one for me.
And a bike goes "Vroom, vroom!"

John <><


Mike said...

My house is just in the eclipse path. All I have to do is go out in the yard.

AuntieAllyn said...

500 miles in one day??!! You're an animal! Have a good one . . . it's waaaayyyy too hot to ride here now (close to 100 humid degrees). Curious about one thing . . . do you listen to music while you ride, either via a headphone or through a music player on the bike? Being such a newbie, I think I'd find music too distracting now but hope I can incorporate it in the future. Ride safe.

eViL pOp TaRt said...

500 miles? That's hard riding, in my book! Enjoy being in the wind, John!

John Hill said...

I cut the ride short -- 350 miles.
The late start and the heat were enough to convince me to head for home early. I passed several places at 98f and two at 102f! It was like riding through a furnace.
If it's cooler and I use the clear face shield, I might listen to music via Bluetooth or on my helmet radio. For summer I have the face shield off and there's too much wind noise. I suppose I could use earbuds, but I'm okay without it.
And yes, it can be distracting.
Be safe, my friend!