Friday, July 28, 2017

If only it were a novel...

If somebody wrote a novel about an administration and legislature that was as inept and bizarre as what we have in place, it would be deemed too unbelievable to be true!

The new head of communications for the White House calls a reporter and goes on a profanity filled rant about the White House staff and makes allegations that FBI agents have made illegal or inappropriate comments to him about on going investigations. This is the professional that is going to set the tone for communication out of the White House?

The GOP Senate can't come up with a bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act that will please 50 of its members, so they decide to punt the ball to the GOP House that has already passed a bill that won't pass in the Senate by drafting a piece of garbage that is a bad piece of legislation that they don't really want to become law. The idea is that they can move to conference where the two pieces of legislation can be worked into one passable bill, but the House always has the option of just accepting the Senate's poor legislation just the way it is.

The POTUS goes to a Boy Scout event and gives a highly inappropriate campaign speech and urges them to boo a former POTUS. His speech receives so much criticism that the leaders of the Boy Scouts have to issue an apology for having the President come address their assembly.

This same POTUS tweets a policy change for our military and says he consulted with military leaders before coming to his decision -- except the announcement came as a complete surprise to them and they say they were never consulted!

The POTUS also continues to berate his own Attorney General and says he should have never appointed him.

Bills have been introduced in Congress to keep the POTUS from firing the independent counsel that his Attorney General appointed to investigate the possible meddling of our elections by a foreign power.

Legislators are now calling for violence against members of their own party that are standing up to party leadership and doing what they feel best serves their constituents.

And all of this is becoming the new normal.
People are afraid (or at least unwilling) to speak out against the bad behavior of those they supported for office. Republican legislators fear reprisals from the party and so remain silent. Evangelical and religious leader continue to remain silent about very un-Christlike behavior because admitting they were wrong about their support means that they never really heard from God about how they should vote and they were just sinfully manipulating people to follow their own personal (or corporate) agendas.

Unfortunately it's not a made up story.
It's real.
It's sad.
And it's downright scary!

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Bilbo said...

I never thought I'd be ashamed to admit I was an American, but this administration is getting me there. I dread phone calls with friends and relatives in Europe when I have to try to explain why we've gotten so screwed up.

Hell Hound said...

We're screwed!

Mike said...

The new normal is not normal.

Duckbutt said...

Things are a mess.

eViL pOp TaRt said...

I am afraid about where this seems to be going.