Thursday, October 08, 2015

It Should be the Weekend

I know it's only Thursday, but it really feels like it should be the weekend already!
Yeah, yeah...I know--every day is a weekend when you're retired. But not this week. I feel like it has been a long week already--a good week, but a long week.

We wrapped up the revival at FBC Richland last night and had another good night. There were quite a few kids and families and the folks at FBC Richland did a great job of inviting friends and bringing in some good food! Since I had dinner with Chris before making the drive to Richland, I mostly just snacked on the homemade peanut butter cookies.

I suppose it was the 180 mile round trip for four consecutive days that made the week seem long. But the positive energy and experience at each service has a way of keeping you going. But now that it is over...well, I just feel kind of drained.

There were several professions of faith in Jesus as Savior this week; both kids and adults. I know that Pastor Bob will be following up to make certain that these new believers are baptized and discipled. The young minister of worship did a great job of bringing us to throne each and every service. The church is very blessed to have a wonderful collection of staff and volunteer servants. I really do hope to be invited back to serve with them in the future.

I've been thinking that it might be time to put together a brochure of some kind. While working, I really had as much evangelism work as I wanted to go along with my full time controller gig. Now that I'm retired though, maybe I should do more in the area of promotion.

It's a bit of a fine line, though.
I don't want to come off as a carnival barker or a vendor that is pitching his wares. I really do try very hard to make certain that I don't come off that way. I think that we (evangelical preachers) often sound like high pressure salesman with a product to sell. Far too often, there seems to be a push to have people respond in great numbers so that we can feed our egos and boast of the numbers of people that come to Jesus through our ministries.
Self promotion seems counter-intuitive to the life of a preacher that seeks to exalt Jesus rather than promoting one's self. I've had brochures in the past and only used them in our Fellowship of Missouri Baptist Evangelists' (FMBE) booth at different conferences or state events. I've never really tried to market for events or bookings. Word of mouth recommendations and conference appearances have been my primary source for bookings. I'm not really sure how I feel about doing it any other way.

I would be interested in hearing some feedback from my readers (both believing church goers and non-believers) on the subject of sharing Jesus vs selling salvation. What are your perceptions of preachers/evangelists?

Feel free to be as specific or as general as you like.

John <><


eViL pOp TaRt said...

John, I feel that they are doing a worthwhile thing sharing the good news to people that are receptive to it. You're really giving them an opportunity, and exemplifying a good moral, unselfish example.

No, you are not a barker! You're a sharer.

Rest easy, and God Bless your efforts!

John Hill said...

Thank you, Angel.