Thursday, October 22, 2015

Baseball -- of course!

#2 in the 30 day writing challenge is to write of your earliest memory.

Earliest memory? I don't know. I was so young back then. One of my strongest memories from my childhood was my first Little League baseball team.
I don't know what age I was when we started playing baseball (probably 1st or 2nd grade, idk). I know that there was no such thing as T-ball and there was no coach pitch ball. I also know that my team had the best pitcher in the league and we were an undefeated 10-0!
Most games had lopsided scores and a mercy rule went into play at some point. Everybody got to play at least two innings and have at least one at bat. I think the games were only 6 innings long.

I played for Hostler's Trading Post.

I remember riding my bike to practice and to the games. It was a small town and we rode our bikes everywhere. Our ball gloves on the handlebars, and any of the baseball fields was close enough to get to in just a few minutes.
Back in the day, the winning team always went to the A&W Root Beer stand for a celebratory mug of root beer. We would pile into the back of someone's pickup truck (yes, we rode like that back then) or ride our bikes to the A&W. At the end of the season, our sponsor took his undefeated team and coaches all out for a steak dinner!

I played for several years but was a mediocre player, at best. I played every position at one point or another, including pitcher (I was horrible) and catcher (which I kinda liked). I seemed to play better in the infield than the outfield and spent most of my time at third base.

Good memories.

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Mike said...

Hop on your bike and be gone for the whole day. I remember that.

eViL pOp TaRt said...

Baseball is so right for endless summer days.