Monday, October 26, 2015

Drugs, Strangers and Other Dangers

It's getting late in the day and I want to get my writing in so that I can continue with my 30 day writing challenge.

I'm skipping what ever the suggested topic for today is so that I write about my first presentation of Drugs, Strangers and Other Dangers.

It is a program that is designed for third grade through fifth or sixth grade and is a perfect fit for Red Ribbon Week.

I purchased this program from my friends at Castlewood Entertainment a couple of years ago. Last year, due to staffing at work, I was unable to get time off during Red Ribbon Week and so I didn't book any shows. This year, even though I was off work, I hadn't really put the time into working on the show and so I didn't want to start booking schools.

As is often the case, necessity forced my to get things ready for a show. At a Springfield Cardinals' baseball game late this summer, I met a man that is the principal at an area elementary school and booked a show.
Today was the day!

I did modify the original program a little bit to suit my needs, abilities and personality. But it was essentially the same program. It went very well. There was a little problem with the sound system that I'll have to work on, but I was pleased with how it went. I believe that I'll be able to market the program with confidence and look forward to doing many more shows in the coming year.

I can see where having two people to set up and break down the set would be a big advantage. The team that owned the program before me was a husband/wife couple that traveled together. It took me almost an hour to get set up and about 30 minutes to break it down. I do like the way the set up looks and plan on making a similar set for my other programs. I also like having my own sound system and will probably start to use it for my church and camp programs, as well.

If you are a teacher, administrator or educator at the elementary level, I would love to talk to you about this program. My contact information can be found in the About Me section of this blog.

John <><

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