Monday, March 23, 2015

It's Spring in the Ozarks!

Oh, I am sure that we will still have some cold days and frosty nights, but it is spring and I am rejoicing! It was warm and sunny yesterday and will be warm and cloudy today. There is rain in the forecast for the week, but it is spring and that is to be expected.

I haven't put in a garden for many years, but plan to this year. I know that many people already have their garden areas ready and I am going to be starting from nothing, but I am looking forward to the harvest! I am also looking forward to the work of getting my little (emphasis on little) garden going.

I have updated the Coming Events section in the right hand column (you'll need to view the web version if you are on your smart phone).
You can see that April will be another busy month. I do have events scattered through the summer months, but still have plenty of open dates. Please schedule as early as you can if you are planning an event or need Sunday supply for a vacation.

People have been asking me about retirement. I'm really still a novice at this and am not real sure of how I should respond.
I know that I don't miss work.
I know that I haven't been bored.
I know that I only set my alarm clock on Sunday mornings and am usually awake before it goes off.
I know that I see very few people during the week (and I like that).
I know that I have control of my schedule (and I like that, too).
I know that dealing with the government agencies on retirement is as messed up as working for the government (I expected that, but don't like it).
And I am looking forward to getting better at this retirement gig and finding more things to do and places to go.

I hope to make a trip to the DC area and take in a Nationals baseball game with my oldest brother and perhaps meet fellow blogger Bilbo.
I need to make the Central Illinois trip to visit my parents.
I'm looking forward to the Chicago UFC Fight Night this summer.
I know that there will be a sunny beach sometime this year.
Springfield Cardinals baseball begins in a few weeks.

Lots of things. Lots of thoughts.

Have a grand first week of spring. (And to my Australian cousins -- enjoy the fall!)

John <><

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eViL pOp TaRt said...

It sounds like you have adapted to retirement nicely, John! Good luck for the Springfield Cardinals!