Monday, January 12, 2015

Monday Morning Transition

I'm going to start early on the retirement habit of writing more often. This month (especially these last three weeks) are going to be transitional in starting my new life as a retired air traffic controller.

This will be my last week of a pretty traditional schedule. I'll work my pretty normal eve/eve/day/mid/mid schedule this week, but the next two weeks are going to be pretty irregular with days off and day/mid combinations...then I'm finished.

One of the plans that I have for writing is to write before Facebook. More than anything, that just gets me writing before getting caught up in the Huge Time Suck. Actually, I have really managed to cut back on the Facebook time suck in the past few months--but still...

Also, I need to keep a list of topics handy.

One topic was suggested at our Saturday morning writers' club.
In a conversation with a retired man, he said that six months from now I'd be so busy with people asking me to do things that I'd have to learn how to say "no."

I told him that I didn't think I'd have a problem with that. It's long been my practice to give people the freedom to ask for anything as long as I had the freedom to say no. His response was that I needed to write about that.
It's on the list!

   * Write early, before other internet activities get in the way.
   * Keep a list of topics handy

What else?

As I look at the labels that I've used for my posts, I see that there are several that have been un-used in quite some time. Caught being nice, Characters, Favorite Bible Stories and Thursdays are for Thanksgiving are a few of the ones that need to be used more often. Most of my lists should fall into these categories. Other labels that have been un-used--politics, religion, rants--should probably stay that way!

I haven't decided if I need to set a time or word count to push my writing habit. Either one would set a minimum time for being at the keyboard. I may just use the coffee pot as my gauge. I could call it "Coffee and Keyboard" or something like that.

   * Write early, before other internet activities get in the way.
   * Keep a list of topics handy
   * Set a minimum time

Anything else?
Really, I'd like your suggestions. As a writer/blogger, how do you stay motivated to work at your craft? What habits have you established to write daily/weekly/monthly or however often you write? How about helping a fellow writer wannabe out?

Readers, any topics or suggestions for posts? You are free to ask for anything...and I'll keep my freedom to say no. Fair enough?

John <><


eViL pOp TaRt said...

It sounds wise to ease into retirement. Just three weeks away!

Cloudia said...

Very good choices!

ALOHA from Honolulu

Kevin Gilmore said...

John, this must be a very exciting time for you! I'm somewhere in the window for retirement but I can't quite put my finger on the exact date yet. My countdown widget says I have 355 days remaining but I have a strong hunch it's considerably less than that. We shall see.

As for the writing, I try and put something out weekly but it's not something I can force. I try and make mental notes throughout the week about things that are worthy of a mention. I also use the photo gallery on my phone to jog my memory about the previous week because I'm always taking pics.

I'm sure you'll establish a routine that works for you. I agree about not allowing Facebook to get in the way. I too am making an effort to minimize my time there.

Best wishes my friend and enjoy the heck out of these last couple weeks doing a job that we've been so blessed to have!

John Hill said...

Thanks, Kevin.

One of the coolest things that my career as an air traffic controller has given me is still to come. Hannah has just completed her pre-assignment tasks (security background check, psych eval, flight physical) and is awaiting her date for the Academy. She is being hired as Enroute option so will pretty much start out making where her old man topped out!
I expect her to be in class in March!

Good luck to you on your own transition into post-ATC life!


Kevin Gilmore said...

Wow! How fortunate to have Hannah get picked up! Good for her. Does she know what facility she'll be assigned to? It's such longshot it seems to get picked up these days. DId she have to wait long?

Funny thing...I got a phone call yesterday from a retired controller inquiring if I'd be interested in an instructor's position at the MARC school in Minneapolis. I appreciated his vote of confidence but I really have my heart set on not having to be anywhere at any particular time once I'm retired. I had to wonder when I hung up the phone if he knows I'm not yet retired.

John Hill said...

Facility assignments will be based on class placement. The FAA has predetermined the order center slots will be filled.
If 10 pass, then the next 10 center slots are filled with the students getting to pick by class rank with the highest score picking first and the lowest score getting whatever is left.

The only thing she knows is that she'll be in the central service area. If she ends up in Minneapolis, I'll be calling you about areas to live, etc.!

Kevin Gilmore said...

Here's hoping she gets her choice. ZMP has been a great place to work and she would do well to be assigned here. I can't say enough good things about it. Yeah, the winters can be brutal at times but it only helps you to appreciate your summers even more.

Don't hesitate to call if there's anything I can offer in the way of help.