Sunday, July 20, 2014

I Found a Small Treasure!

Well, so much for more regular writing, eh?
Only one post on two blogs in the past week!

I'm not sure how it came to be that I didn't make the time to write this past week. I just happened that the week was over and posts.

I've been working on getting my "magic" room more organized. Actually, "more" organized is a bit of a stretch. It's to the point of being a little overwhelming. I've decided that every time I go downstairs, I need to go into the room and fix one thing. It might be to throw something away, put something on a shelf or in a drawer, long as it's something. Little by little, it's getting better.

One of the advantages of this method is that I keep finding some cool things. Most of them are things that I bought years ago and have forgotten about. But this past week I found a real treasure! Okay, so it's not like something really valuable or anything, it was just something that was sort of special to me.

An Invisible Deck of cards!

You might ask, "How did you ever find an invisible deck?"
Good question, but that would be for another post.
For this post, I'll tell you that the Invisible Deck was the first trick deck of cards that I ever owned. I received it as a Christmas gift when I was around ten years old. Back then it was called the Imaginary Deck.  I think I like the name Imaginary Deck better. It works for the patter that I use. I'm going to go with Imaginary Deck!

I've been playing with this Imaginary Deck (don't worry, it's a full deck of cards). I have even taken it to work to share it with a few co-workers. So far, I've had great response to it!

I wish that I could share it with you here, but...
Unfortunately, my video and technology skills are quite lacking and a You Tube video wouldn't have the same impact anyway.

I've also found a few other items that I need to work on. Some are things that I bought because I thought they were cool effects even though I don't have a proper venue to perform them. Maybe it's time to find new venues! In any case, I'm having a good time playing with my newly found magic effects. So far, nothing new for my stand up routine, but I'm guessing that I'll run across something that I haven't used in a while for that venue, as well!

Have a grand week!
Be well,

John <><

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Mike said...

There's a project for you. Your own youtube magic channel.