Sunday, September 22, 2013

Changing Seasons

In just under two hours, the sun will slip across the equator marking the beginning of fall in the northern hemisphere (20:44 UTC or 3:44pm CDT).

It's a beautiful day in the Ozarks of Southwest Missouri: sunny, clear. 70F--a classic kind of day for the first day of fall.

The change of season always makes me want to reflect a little on the passing of time. Maybe it has to do with aging. I hate to say that I'm entering my own fall of life, but there is no denying that Chris and I are definitely moving into a new stage of life as Aaron and Jenny are making there own life in Chicago and Hannah is close to graduating from college and getting on with her own life, as well.

A typical fall day is a pretty good analogy for my life right now: mild summer-like days and cool, comfortable nights--not really feeling old, but no longer young, either.

I'm really looking forward to the coming years. Retirement looms large in the near future and I'm looking at life beyond ATC. I've recently purchased a magic show for elementary school age kids and hope to be doing that along with the magic ministry. I'm taking a two day course in transitional pastoring this week and hope to be able to serve churches that are between pastors. While I am looking forward to not having to "go to work" everyday, I'm really not planning on being idle. I have no idea what ministry roles I might find myself in during the coming months, but I do want to be prepared to step into whatever God has in mind for me.

I've never really felt the calling of a pastor. However, I am willing to fill that role (at least on a temporary basis) should that need arise. In any case, I have a lot to learn about serving others.

I've read a lot of people's comments that indicate that fall is a favorite season for a great many people. I'm not a real fan of fall--mostly because I'm not a real fan of winter and that's what comes next! Oh I like the temps and the lower humidity, but spring offers the same without the coming cold season. I guess I would rather have the spring with the coming summer than the fall and the following winter.

While life has its own cycles, they don't repeat like our annual seasons do. We are left to manage the time and the changes as best as we can and live them out in a way that honors God and serves others.
I don't know what season of life you find yourself in right now. I do hope that you are honoring God and serving others well, according to your own abilities and calling.

Work--when it's time to work (we were created to work with purpose). Rest when it's time to rest (rest was created for us). Serve God always, for He deserves our service.

Happy First Day of Fall!

John <><


eViL pOp TaRt said...

I hope you will have a lovely fall, John! xxxx

John Hill said...

Thank you, Angel. I hope that you also have a wonderful fall!

Big Sky Heidi said...

Have a great Fall, John Hill!

John Hill said...

You too, Heidi!

John Hill said...

You too, Heidi!