Sunday, August 14, 2011

Quick Post

Just a quick post from the hotel this morning:

We spent a wonderful couple of days with Aaron and Jenny in Chicago and then took in a Cardinal baseball game in St. Louis last night. The game could have been better (meaning the Cards lost), but I enjoyed being at the park just the same.

It was Christian Familly Day at the Ballpark, so after the game we heard some great testimonies from the players about what having a personal relationship with Jesus means to them.

I'll write more about that when I'm not typing on my cell phone keyboard. This morning we're meeting friends for brunch at Bevo Mill (google that if you're not from St. Louis) before heading home.

Have a great week!



Jane said...

Sounds like a great time, John! Nothin' like being with family, and a specified Christian atmosphere surely adds to the "greatness." Thanks for being a caring and Godly influence in my life.

Jane said...

Nothin' like makin' great memories with your family... And I'm sure the specifically "Christian" atmosphere only made it better! Thanks for being an encourager and a positive influence in my life, John!