Friday, August 12, 2011

Another Beautiful Day in ... Chicago!

It looks like today will be another beautiful day!

Chris and I are enjoying a short visit with Aaron and Jenny.  Today we're going to take in the Chicago Botanical Garden and then after Aaron grills some chicken cordon bleu and potato fans, we'll take a trip to IKEA. There is no IKEA where we live and Chris has to take advantage of being this close to one.

I'm enjoying the visit and the fine variety of food. Wednesday night, we had dinner at a Japanese BBQ restaurant called Gyu Kaku. Last night was a Memphis style BBQ place (I don't know the name) that was very good. Tonight, Aaron does his thing on the charcoal grill and tomorrow night will be an awesome dog at the ball park! It's pretty tough trying to keep an eye on the weight when there is so much that is so good. I may be too scared to check the scale when we get back home! (Maybe the walking will help a little bit.)

For the most part, I'm just enjoying the visit with the kids. Jenny seems to be doing great at her job with Collins Engineering. Aaron continues in school and working for a parking company (mostly when the Cubs are in town). If you're making the trip to Chicago to see the Cubs, contact me and I can hook you up with inexpensive parking a couple of blocks from Wrigley!

One other thing: my niece recently started working for a company called NOI (New Organizing Institute). The first article she wrote for their website quickly received more hits than any article previously written for them. Here is her most recent post. Give it a read and share it with your friends. I think that it's a great article and I'm just a little proud of the author. I'd love to hear that this one also generated a lot of traffic for their website!

Time to get on with the day.

John <><

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Mike said...

As soon as it cools off around here you head north?