Friday, August 19, 2011

Fair Warning

Over the past few years, I've tried to reduce the number of political rants that appear here at Out of My Hat. I find them to often be divisive and create an atmosphere that quickly becomes more about who is right and who is wrong than a place for discussion, debate and a sharing of ideas.

Unfortunately, I still share political links that I like and post opinions over on Facebook.  This often generates unwanted comments.  While I realize that posting such links and status updates can appear to give the impression that you are invited to disagree with me; it really doesn't.  You have your page to post your opinions--use it.

To date, I've never censored comments on Facebook and have only done that once at Out of My Hat.  I'm a big boy and can take it. At this point, I just want to make sure that you are able to take it as well.

My friends are a diverse group. I have some very conservative friends through church relationships and some very liberal friends through my Union relationships; family falls on both sides; classmates-- I'm unsure of.  Most of those that are willing to take on the debate are very well versed in the legislative process and have their facts pretty well squared away.  It has been my experience, that the left side (politically speaking) tends to be better informed of the facts than the right. There have been several national surveys that also bear this out.

I'm sharing this as a kind of public service warning.  It seems that we are getting into the 2012 campaign season much earlier than usual and I have a feeling that it's going to be an ugly one. I am going to try to refrain from posting a lot of political stuff here, and perhaps reduce the links on Facebook. (Follow me on Twitter  @magicianary and your comments are limited to 140 characters!)

If you choose to engage in political debate with my friends -- know your stuff.  Your information, sources, facts and opinions will all be challenged.  Be polite -- I won't put up with meanness. Don't get personal.  Even though our elected representative are engaged in unreasonable and unproductive debate doesn't mean that we have to be. If you can't do these things or just don't want to make yourself a target, then keep your opinions and comments on your own sites.

You've been warned!

John <><


Bilbo said...

Warning noted. Let the debates begin!

Mike said...

'..elected representative are engaged in unreasonable and unproductive debate..'

I think you've been paying atttention.

Kevin said...

Hmmm...I suppose I have to disagree with you on this one. I think that when you post something on your Facebook wall where there's a 'comment' link you should expect that people will use it. If you're only looking for like-minded comments in return you're not really getting much of a discussion I would think.

Let those without much intellect expose themselves for who they are.

John said...

Perhaps you're right, Kevin.