Friday, August 12, 2011

Bad Behavior; Bad Testimony

I saw a disturbing post from a young woman last weekend. I decided to write now (Tuesday night) while I'm thinking about it, but set it to post next Saturday when it will be more timely.

Her Facebook status made mention of how much she hated working on Sundays (she waits tables at a restaurant) because of all the mean people that come in.  It seems to be very well known among waiters and waitresses that the Sunday church crowd is home to the most rude and least generous customers.  She didn't come out and say that (she's way nicer than I am) but confirmed that she was referring to "them" when I mentioned it.

Really, guys?  You do know that they know that you just came from church, right? They know that you are supposed to be salt and light -- well not in those terms maybe but they know that you are at least supposed to be nice.  It's a pretty poor testimony when a young believer (like this woman) would rather wait on unbelievers than fellow Christians because these people that have just come from church are among the meanest, most rude and least generous customers that she waits on all week!

How about we try something different this weekend.  Be nice. Be loving. Be kind. Be generous. Let them know that you are a Christian and that your purpose is to share God's love. Be gracious, like our God is.  Be patient and understand that your server is dealing with a lot of not-so-nice people.  Thank them for their service with a nice tip--20% or more.  Don't tell me that they don't deserve it.  You don't deserve the grace that our heavenly Father gives to you and yet he gives it in abundance.

Do one other thing -- share this with everybody that you go to church with.  Just copy the address and e-mail it out or use the icons at the bottom to post it to your Facebook wall or tweet it to your followers. Post it to your church's Facebook wall.  Let's change the stereotype of the Sunday diner.  If you feel that you have to be mean and cheap when you go out, then go out at another time when only you and God know just how sad your spiritual condition is. Let's not give His people a bad name by our association.


John <><

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samantha said...

:). Thank you so much for this post. We servers dread sundays. And I wish everyone had the same mentality as you do. :)