Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Kid's Camps

School is out and it's time for summer camps! I can't believe it's been almost four years since I wrote this post on kids! Maybe I'm mellowing as I approach 50 or maybe the little buggers are just wearing me down, but they really don't seem as bad as they used to be. This year(as always), I'm really looking forward to the upcoming camps.

Friday begins the Children's camp for Hopedale Baptist Church. I know that we're expecting 60+ kids (3rd-6th graders, I think) and we'll be there through Monday morning. This year our theme is "Who Are You?" We'll be taking a CSI approach at looking at our character as Christians and our relationship to God through His Son, Jesus.

Monday afternoon the kids arrive for the TriCounty Association camp. That will go on through Thursday night. Once again, the young adults at Sports Crusaders will be at camp with us.

Then on Monday, June 14, I'll drive across the state to spend an evening with the girls at the Mineral Area Association Girl's Camp.

It will be a busy couple of weeks. For those of you that are prayer minded, remember me over the next few weeks. Work is still apart of my schedule (the first to camps are close enough to drive back and forth--working a couple of day shifts and midnight shifts), as well as my annual MWT on the 10th of June. (That's always a blast!)

I hope that your June is as fun packed as mine.



Mike said...

"drive back and forth"

But when are you going to sleep, when your dead?

Pastor Greg Yount said...

I'll pray for you - you pray for me. Our church camp starts Monday, 6/7 and ends on Thursday night, 6/10.

John said...

It's a deal, Greg.
Maybe we should be praying for the kids, too!