Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Great Toys!

I saw this while doing a little bit of Christmas shopping. The label says "Hall of Fame Toy Pack." These toys--Crayola Crayons (8 color pack), a Duncan Butterfly Yo-yo, Silly Putty and a Slinky--most definitely belong in the Toy Hall of Fame!

John <><


Mike said...

And made in the USA! I think you've just solved a lot of my christmas shopping the year.

Bandit said...

I had the yo yo and slinky. I have never seen the crayola box. It must be really old. I remember the sock monkey in the background also.

Mike said...

Two things.

First the typo - THIS year.

Second - this comment to see if it changes your comment count from 0 to 3.

Aaron said...

These toys can't be THAT old! I played with all of these, including a tin of crayons that looked just like that.