Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Best of 2009

One of the other blogs that I frequent recently ran a "Best of 2009" by picking one favorite post from each month. I was re-reading some of my old posts and thought that I would do the same. Although these are reruns, some of you haven't been reading for that long so they may be new to you. I hope that they will bring a smile to your face, encouragement to your heart and give you something to ponder.

I do want to thank you for dropping by from time to time and reading my thoughts and occasional rants. I appreciate your comments--both here at Out of My Hat and on my Facebook notes. I hope that December of 2010 finds all of us in a happier, healthier place. I have no doubts that the coming year will be filled with both challenges and blessings. I wish you well and encourage you through the tough times and heartaches and hope that your blessings will be many.

All the best,

John <><

January--Monday Morning Observations
February--Ten Honest Things About John
March--Another Favorite Bible Story
April--Day of Silence, Day of Truth
May--It's Not About the $$Money$$
June--A Better Sermon
July--Jesus Camp Revisited
August--Pinch-hit Homerun
September--We're Number 37!
October--Random Thoughts
November--Price vs. Value
December--From a Heathen and a Pagan

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Mike said...

First place - April
Second place - September
Third place - December