Saturday, November 28, 2009

An Invitation

I know--the last thing that many of you need is one more blog to read. But since I have a new one that I'm following, I wanted to share it with you.

Bible, Baseball, Burgers and Bar-B-Que--it sounds like something that I'd write, doesn't it? Actually, it's written by my son, Aaron. In the About Me section he writes, "I like the Bible. I like baseball. I like burgers. I like Bar-b-que. The number of things I like more than these four "B"s can be counted on one hand."

I'm looking forward to reading the insights of a young man that is preparing for the ministry. I'm a bit jealous that he gets to more ball games than I do. I don't mind that he's a better (and more adventurous) bar-b-que cook. I share in his quest to find the ultimate burger and look forward to hearing what he is learning from the Bible.

Follow along with me and see what kind of blog this becomes...

John <><



Mike said...

"Follow along"

Only if he does some Q'ing in Ted Drews parking lot.

Rich said...

Here's ANOTHER "B" that I know that he likes: "Buffalo Wild Wings."

... You're welcome.

C H E R T said...

Young Pastor in the making :)

Claudia said...

We Episcopalians are honored that he quoted from the Anglican Theological Review. I wanted to leave a comment, but am not officially affiliated with a blog site so couldn't decifer how to leave one on Aaron's blog page. Please pass on to him that his insights and writing skills are excellent! I look forward to having him as a colleague in professional ministry soon!

Aaron said...

Thank you Claudia!