Saturday, December 19, 2009

Saturday Morning Musings

It's a cold and blustery day in the Ozarks. I'm reading a few blogs and enjoying my second cup of coffee after a much needed 6+ hours of sleep.

Weather forecasts give us a chance for some snow today but since they also have a fairly wide margin for error...well, I seriously doubt it. Wouldn't you just love to have a job that you could manage to be right so little and still have a justifiable reason for your errors?

I haven't felt much like writing lately. Perhaps I just need to challenge myself to put something out on a daily basis. I'm not quite mentally prepared for that just yet, but I can see that it may be coming to that in the near future. I've started on a couple of different posts in the past week but thought that I may have covered the material in previous rants. Sure enough, a quick search of previous posts showed that I had already made my rants and covered the points so I just scrapped the idea of re-posting.

I seem to be in a bit of a creative funk--not really into reading, definitely not into writing, wanting to work on some new magic but not working on anything new, spending too much time on the computer doing nothing but playing games or watching stupid videos--you get the idea. I think that I've let others bring me down a bit. That is an unusual thing for me. I guess I've let my negative guard down and it's allowed their garbage to creep into my attitude and mood.

I'm going to give myself until Christmas to to come out of it. Then I'll get busy with getting on with living and getting back to the happy, joyous John that you all know and ... well, that you all know (in a virtual sort of way). I'm sure that the coming days will be grand as we inch closer to Christmas Day. They will be busy, to be sure. Just keep things from getting too busy to remember that God loves you so much that He sent His son, Jesus, to provide a way for you to get to heaven.

Christian friends, be kind to everybody that wishes you "Happy Holidays!" and remember that just because you participate in their way of celebrating Christmas (parties, presents, decorations, Santa Claus, etc.), is no reason to expect that they'll participate in your celebration of the birth of the Christ-child.

To my non-Christian readers--I hope that the season finds you well and celebrating with family, friends and loved ones. I hope that there is a realization that there is a God that created you and loves you. He has given you a great Gift. Please don't leave it under the tree unopened again this year.

To all: Merry Christmas!

John <><


Mike said...

Merry Christmas back at you.

Bilbo said...

I'll take the cold and blustery, just keep the snow.

Merry Christmas to you and your family!

mary said...

Hope you don't mind the suggestion...How about more Favorite Bible Stories...or not even favorites, but obscure or just interesting? I really enjoy reading those. We chose some lesser known stories to study in our Bible Study earlier in the year (but then opted for a book to lessen the amount of prep time).