Sunday, November 01, 2009

Paybacks are a ... Blessing

It's been almost two years since I wrote a post about a friend that went out of his way to help my son when he had some car problems and was away from home. Today it's time for payback.

It will come as no surprise to those of you that have been reading for a while--I'm a big fan of intercessory prayer. I believe that God hears us and honors our prayers when we pray for one another. I also believe in name dropping. Just as I would desire that you pray for me by name, I think that there are benefits when I pray for others by name.

For example: you may often include in your prayers a prayer for our military personnel that are fighting overseas. I think that this is a worthwhile prayer--but I'm sure that if you have a friend or relative that is deployed you would mention them by name. I know that many Christians have a list of people that they pray for on a regular basis. If you are one of those people (or if you would like to start a daily prayer list) I have a couple of names for you.

Justin and Jarrod Bridwell are sons of my friend, Brian. They are both Marines that are heading to the Middle East. I know that Brian and his wife must be extremely proud of their sons. I also know that they will be praying hard for them over the coming months. Here's the thing--I've already told Brian that his boys will be in my prayers. I'm asking you all--my blog readers and Facebook friends--to put them on your prayer lists as well. It's a small thing to ask of you. It's a small thing to ask of God. It's a big thing to Brian and his family to know that there are many Believers presenting the names of Justin and Jarrod Bridwell before the throne of God every day. If you have family in the military service that you would like for me to include in my prayers, feel free to post their names in a comment.

For my friends in the USA, we live in a great country. We owe it to our service men and women to honor them with our prayers. All of them have somebody at home that misses them and worries about them and is waiting for their safe return. So if you think of it, when you offer up a prayer for Justin and Jarrod, remember their mom and dad, too.

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Claudia said...

My prayers and my prayer partners' prayers are added to yours for Justin and Jason Bridwell. I also ask for your prayers for the long-suffering people of Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Mike and I have a new neighbor from Pakistan--her name is Sirosh-- whose parents remain over there. Her father is a lawyer and medical doctor, so they could well afford to leave but choose to stay because they love their country. Sirosh is very worried about them, but she herself is homesick, too. My boss's husband, Abdul, a native of Iraq who is now an American citizen, is in Iraq as a translator for our government, because his former job disappeared when his company downsized last spring. His sleeping accommodations in Iraq are in a tent far from the Green Zone. He can not go to see his Iraqi family because it is too dangerous. His family here, led by his wife, Carla, does not know for certain when he will return. Carla has a lot on her plate at work and as a parent because their youngest is a special needs child. Please pray for Sirosh and Abdul and their family members here and in Iraq and Pakistan. Let us never forget the sacrifices of the common people swept up in wars. I'm sure our military people depend on their friendship mightily.

John said...

Your friends and their families are added to my list as well. Thanks.