Saturday, October 31, 2009

Something New for Halloween

My Pastor friend David posted this link a few days ago. A book burning. Talk about your church Halloween gimmicks! These folks have some misguided ideas about the translation of The Bible. Actually they have some misguided ideas about the translation of any book and the dynamics of our language. I don't doubt that they are followers of God, but they are under a false sense of what is an accurate translation if they still believe that the best English translation for today's English speaking people was done 400 years ago.

You would think that if they wanted the true and undefiled Word of God that they would only accept it in its original language (a la Islam and the Qur'an) , yet the writer of the web page admits to not knowing either Hebrew or Greek. Apparently they don't believe that the Holy Spirit is still able to help men to translate the Word into the language of the times and that gift ceased with the writing of the King James Version.

In any case, this is book burning's finest hour--the burning of Bibles that don't meet with their approval!

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Mike said...

I went to their website. This guy has way to much time on his hands.

As far as burning Bibles, cd's and other books, look at it this way - somebody has to crank out new ones. So he's creating jobs.

(additional snarky line deleted)

David Stone said...

Thanks for the link love! Yeah,kind of what I've heard before...fundamentalists= No fun, lots of damn, not a lot of mental.

Sad really.