Friday, November 20, 2009


I heard this Bible verse used earlier this week-- Psalms 109:8. It was used in reference to President Obama and was used by a pastor in a meeting of mostly pastors. As usual, I just hung my head and shuddered at the ignorance that seems to pervade otherwise intelligent beings and moral men and causes them to say the most stupid, hateful things.

Sadly, these things aren't out of their own devotional readings of the Scriptures, but come from the loud mouthed radical right that are more interested in political victories than in the promotion of righteous behavior and the "love your neighbor" parts of the Bible. As stated in this video, I should have said something to call attention to the incorrect and hateful use of the Word of God.

Please, Brothers in Christ, let us not allow this kind of misuse of God's Word to continue. It's not funny. It's not holy. It's not right. And it's not what Jesus would do.

John <><


Kevin said...

Exactly, John. I'm very tired of people bringing religion into politics. It doesn't belong there. It took me a while to figure that out but once I did it was very freeing. I believe you had a hand in that. Thank you.

Sicilian said...

That is awful John. . . . makes me hurt inside that a Christian would say something like that.
I think God is sad too.

Anonymous said...

He seems like such a happy guy, huh? Someone who's been redeemed and knows it???