Friday, November 27, 2009

A Gift For the Holidays

This morning, Black Friday in America, I will avoid the mass madness of the gift hunting crowds and give a gift to some very needy person. During the holidays, those that have cancer will continue with their chemo treatments and will continue to have a need for blood platelets. Many people that are having surgeries will need blood, and the accident rate from the many highway travellers will be on the rise as well as the associated blood need. Unfortunately, it is also a season that donations often drop.

It's an easy give to give. Take a few moments over the next few weeks and stop by your local Red Cross or local blood bank. A unit of platelets will take an hour or so, a unit of blood will only take a few minutes.

John <><


Mike said...

When I have an experience like I did last time it always makes me pause going again.

"Can I get some help over here , I can't get the needle in his vein. Well that didn't work either. Maybe whatshername can get it in."

But then I go anyway. Because most of the time it's 'stick, drip and leave'.

John said...

I've never had that problem. In fact, we were talking about that today. Some people seem to have narrow veins. Apparently I have a garden hose running through my arm. The woman said that they could throw darts at my arm and hit that vein! I had mentioned allowing a first timer to stick me before and she said "You're what we would call a confidence builder!"

Amanda said...

Yes, it is indeed a good gift.
BUT, I'll admit that I've only given blood a couple of times. I think I'm a narrow vein person. Each time it was difficult for the person to stick the needle in and took extra long to get my blood out.

Bandit said...

Way to go John! I have given much blood over the years but never in this context. I will take you up on your great idea.
Mike, as you know my daughter and son-in-law are both RN's. My son-in-law always comments on my nice veins and how easy they would be to poke.