Sunday, February 22, 2009

Much Ado About Nothing

Well it would seem that we have all worried about nothing. In spite of my misgivings about this conference and somebody else’s doubts about my particular type of ministry, things went well last night at the opening night of the conference.

Thank you for your prayers.

Those that have been at this much longer than I have were confident that all would go well and were great encouragers. It makes the rest of the week much easier to look forward to. The Saturday night session was absolutely wonderful. It was a night of music and praise...and my, how God has blessed some of these evangelists with talent!

There is no doubt that some of these could be making a living (some of them have) as professional musicians but instead are fulfilling their vocational calling by singing and playing to the glory of God! I interrupted the great flow of music with a kids’ song and a sleight of hand effect to share a brief message about our role in spreading the story of God’s great love. I had several comments afterwards and they were all very positive. If there were any negative comments, I haven’t heard about them. A couple of pastors mentioned wanting to talk to me later in the week about working with them for different events.

The evening ended with a late dinner that was put on by the host church. While we were eating, an announcement was made that somebody had made the decision to trust Jesus as their Lord and Savior! It was sweeter than any of the many desserts that were available! (I managed to avoid the desserts.)

I am looking forward to sharing from God’s Word at Shiloh Baptist Church this morning and at Mineral Springs this evening. I hope that your Sunday will be a day that you take some time to remember God and to worship Him for he great God that He is!



bandi said...

Is Fred Doerge (Dirgee) still an evangalist in MO.? I remember him as a young boy holding revivals.

What about David Ring?

Mike said...

Score one for John.

Wv - persur - Cruise line employee

Amanda said...

Glad to hear that things went well.

fiona said...

I'm so happy for you john!

wv - celestu - al...that's it right there!

Anonymous said...

Isn't it such a satisfying feeling when it all goes so well, and you know that it was the power of the Spirit that brings all these talents together toward the goal. Tremendous stuff, and like no other sense of satisfaction in the world. I'm glad it went well, John.

BTW, I wish I had your magic talent.

Travis Congdon said...

Fred Doerge died back in 1997, I think. He was an awesome evangelist and singer. I have all of his tapes, and my dad taped a lot of his music. I wish my dad did a better job at taping as some of those songs he did was just for revivals and not on his tapes. Loved the man. He was a Man of God.