Saturday, February 21, 2009

Crazy Ozark Weather

60 degrees F (15.5C) yesterday afternoon, snow last night! It's crazy!

Chris and I joined some of her friends at a Trivia Night last night. A former co-worker of hers is a regular at these kind of events. We join her family and friends once or twice a year to make up a team of eight. Last night we placed 2nd in a group of 14 teams. We have always placed in the top 3 teams and come away with some sort of prize. I'm not sure what charity the money raised went to last night, but it doesn't matter because we had a good time and the entry fees are reasonable.

I guess that knowing a bunch of useless information isn't a complete waste of time after all.

I've noticed a few new readers from different tracking devices. Feel free to "follow" me using Google Follower (see right column) and then you will get notification of my random postings. Or you can subscribe using the RSS feed or one of the available readers. If you are a blogger (and most of you are) I will generally stop by and see what you write if I have a way of linking to your blog.

No rant today...too much to do!

Time to put things together for the weekend.



Mike said...

You mean day 6 of the weekend?

John said...

Yeah, I know how it is with you retired guys...Thursday, Friday, Saturday is the beginning end of the weekend; Sunday Monday, Tuesday is the end of the weekend; Wednesday must be a real killer of a day for you...the only day that's NOT a part of your weekend!

Bilbo said...

I think I'm going to drive out to St Louis and punch Mike in the nose...although I have to say that your description of the retired weekend has a lot going for it!

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