Thursday, February 26, 2009

Another Evangelism Conference

Well, the Barry County Association Evangelism Conference for 2009 is in the history books (so to speak). I heard a number of comments that expressed that it was the best one yet! This was the 22nd annual event for them and they certainly have learned how to do it right. This year there were five other first timers at the conference. I will see most of them at the Pulaski County Association Conference this week and at the TriCounty Association Conference the following week.

I'll be finishing the schedule for the TriCounty conference Friday and sending out the info to the evangelists and host churches. A part of me is really disappointed in the participation from the local churches...on the other hand, this is our first year and I'm willing to give it a chance to grow.

I truly believe that the days of local churches holding revivals and crusades have not ended. I believe that God still calls and uses evangelists to serve local churches. I believe that we are called to enter into the labor of the churches to bring in the harvest. Too often churches struggle to make it on their own, neglecting the gift that God has given to them in the calling of vocational evangelists. It is not a contest to see who can claim the most notches on the communion table. We serve the same Lord, the same Savior. We are empowered and equipped by the same Spirit. There is no room for jealousy or envy. Pastors and evangelists have very different roles in the Kingdom. Personally, I think that the job of a local church pastor is way more stressful than that of an air traffic controller...and the stakes are much higher!

We are to be a team; members of the same body; each performing our unique function. I would encourage all pastors to prayerfully consider the use of an evangelist.


Obviously, I am going to have to spend more time writing on this blog. As one might expect, the hits drop way off when I post as infrequently as I have over the past few weeks. The last two conferences had me in pretty rural areas with limited internet access. The next two won't be so bad. Also, there was this young evangelist that kept hanging out with me and kept me up until the early morning hours. Cole will be busy at different venues for the next couple of weekends and can keep somebody else up all night.

Well there is work to do.



Mike said...


I finally noticed. AND figured it out.

Wv - mistan - What it's doing outside when its raining very lightly.

Sicilian said...

Sometimes life happens, and blogging takes 2nd place. . . .I'm watching for your posts.