Friday, February 06, 2009

Cheap Post

For those of you that don't read Mike's blog, you need to check out this video:

Watch it all the way through and read along.



fiona said...

Heheheh I DO read Mikes Blog and I'm tellin, nanananana!

wv- irdwo, as spoken in Pakistan

Mike said...

WHAT? Those that don't read my blog?!!!!

Strange as it may seem I thought about "John the motivational speaker" when I saw this for the first time. I almost just emailed it to you but thought why waste a good post.

I think this video will fly around the blogosphere at warp speed. I was surprised that I didn't get "I've seen that" responses.

Wv - miess - Abbreviation for my mess.

Bilbo said...

That really is an amazing video. It's even better on the second watching.

vw: anisoi - question often asked of waiters in Chinese restaurants, as in "got anisoi sauce?"

Amanda said...

I liked being reminded of this video!