Sunday, November 02, 2008

What an Evening!

I just got home from seeing the Honorable Senator from Illinois, Barack Obama, campaigning for President of the United States. The place was packed! There was three times the number of people that turned out to see Governor Palin last week. I said that I wasn't going to post another political blog, so I won't. But I do want to say that Sen. Obama was incredibly gracious. The two times that some of the crowd started booing, he stopped them with a..."Don't boo, just vote." Other than mentioning the political ads that are meant to tear him down, he didn't say anything negative about Sen. McCain.

Whatever your

I missed telling you about part of my week in my last post. I was given an award last week. Thank you, Heidi. Heidi's blog is one that I subscribe to and one that I should pay more attention to. It's full of healthful ideas that would make me a better person. It would take a major overhaul of my current eating habits and activity levels. You know me...I'll get right on that!

By the way, I want to invite you to follow my blog. You can do that where you see the others that are following in the right column.

I've about used up all of the bonus 60 minutes I get as we set our clocks back, so I'll post now and remember the other stuff later!



Amanda said...

Congratulations on the award!

Have a great week!

Bilbo said...

Congratulations! And I'm proud to be a follower of your blog. I'm Bilbo, and I approved this message.