Friday, November 14, 2008


Yeah, I know. It was two days ago that I met with my old friend and classmate at the Springfield Airport. It's not that the meeting didn't go well. It's more like sometimes I'm a slacker blogger. Making contact with Jeff was one of those benefits of the social networks like Facebook. It always amazes me at just how small the world has become because of the internet.

For several years now, my family has kept up with each other through regular (or irregular) e-mail updates. I think that all of my siblings read my blog, though only a few of them comment. There are other readers from around the globe. Some are friends, some found the blog through other bloggers that have posted links, some probably come from the links on my e-mail signatures and some I have no idea of how we have become virtual friends. I also have a blog link on my Facebook page.

So Jeff locates me through FB and then a few weeks later ends up with a business meeting in Springfield! It has been thirty years since we've seen each other, so the hour that we had really wasn't adequate to do much more than a brief recap of the past three decades. Jeff started in radio broadcasting when we were still in high school. I wasn't surprised to hear of some of the markets that he has worked in, or that he is now traveling the country as a consultant to radio stations.

Our little reunion ended too soon when LJ, the midday DJ for KKLH The Cave, came to pick him up. If you're a Classic Rock fan, follow the link to listen via the net. Mike will appreciate the Heartbreaker of the Day picture. Being interrupted by LJ wasn't too bad. If you look to the Air Staff and check out LJ, you'll see that she has a look that is wasted on the radio. I enjoyed meeting LJ and getting reaquainted with Jeff.

If anybody else is planning on being in the Springfield/Branson area in the near future, give me a call!



Mike said...

Well I saved the picture. And then I went looking for previous pictures. I checked the whole site. No previous Heartbreaker pictures. I even used the link to the picture and started removing parts of the link to see if I could access the files directly. No such luck. They have their directories blocked like they're supposed to. Oh well, daily visits coming up.

bandit said...

I read your blog about every day. I'll leave comments more often. I am also a S. Baptist and appreciate your evangalistic work.

John said...


Right below the pic, where it says "click here" to see previous pics--click there! I can't believe I'm contributing to your further corruption! sorry, Claudia.


Thanks for reading and commenting when you feel like it. Be careful of the company(Mike)you keep. In the Bible, Paul writes that bad company corrupts good character.

Claudia said...

Re: further corrupting Mike, forewarned is forearmed! Thanks for the head's up! I'll be sure to drive him crazy later so he can forget all about the heartbreaker! To those reading this comment, eat your hearts out!

Mike said...

John, you should be warning ME!!

Mike said...

OK, I went to the site and found the link to the previous pics. No wonder I missed it. One, it was in plain site and two, I wasn't reading anything when I was looking at that part of the screen.

Sicilian said...

John. . . . . not of the same faith, but we follow the same political persuasion. . .your writings are a breath of fresh air because all my Christian friends are not of the same political mind. . . I appreciate your views on religion and the world. . .