Friday, November 07, 2008

Social Networks

It seems that more and more people are joining social networks like My Space, Facebook, and there are still a few on Xanga. I have an account on each of those. I never really got into the whole network thing. I signed up on My Space when the kids started, but I never did anything with it and Tom is still my only friend. I signed up on Xanga when I wanted to post on a friend's blog but had to have an account to do it.

My Facebook (FB) account was the result of an experiment testing the effectiveness of social networks in fund raising. It was brother Steve (the social minded activist) that was involved in fund raising for a Baltimore organization. The cause is Prevent and Eliminate Homelessness. So Steve recruited members to Facebook and to his cause and then was a part of the experiment raising funds through Facebook.

My Facebook account is the only one that I ever use. I'm up to a whopping 74 friends that include family and friends from school, work, church, other churches that I've visited, e-mail lists and even some fellow bloggers. I've managed online chats with a few of them, written on their walls or sent them a message. I haven't sent plants, drinks, bumper stickers or pieces of flair but have received quite a few. (I'm not sure that I understand the point of it. If I want someone to know that I'm thinking of them, I just say hi.)

Next week I'm meeting an old friend and high school classmate at the airport in Springfield. We found each other on FB and his business travels find him in Springfield every now and then. A simple FB message and reply and we get the chance to catch up the last 30 years or so. There is a link to this blog from my FB page but I don't know if anybody has found this blog from FB.

The network does have a way of making the world a bit smaller. I've reconnected with some people that I never would have and been surprised by the people that have contacted me. I know that I don't use my account to the extent that most college kids use theirs...I'm not sure that I even have an idea of the potential that I'm missing out on. But I'm having fun with it, just the same.

How about you? Any other social networkers that are readers?



Mike said...

I signed up on 'my space' so I could read what my kids are doing. I'm now blocked from their personal sites. The site I can still get to is my son Cahrlies band site.

Sherer said...

I'll be honest I am a social network junky. I got a facebook, twitter(which I don't use, myspace, Linked-In, and a Squidoo Lens. Also I would highly recommend Blogcatalog its a social network for blogs - really cool - good stuff thank ySherer

Bilbo said...

I never got into all that social networking stuff. I get all the networking I need through the people who read and comment on my blog...and then are willing to admit they know me.

Sicilian said...

I too signed up with myspace to keep up with my youngest. . . I have recently lost all interest in it since the death of a very good friend. . . . I have considered closing the account since he and I had the most contact on it. I enjoy blogging more than myspace stuff. . . . but sometimes the blog world is a bit cold too.
I do agree that the world is a smaller place because of all web ways to keep up with things. . . I just don't know how much I really care about most of it.

Anonymous said...

I signed up for MySpace so I could see Hannah's site, then I started getting a bunch of friend requests from people I never heard of before.

I signed up for Facebook as part of Steve's fundraising experiment and have pretty much let it rot since then. But your post prompted me to sign on and search for people. Maybe I'll make it to double digits.

Mike H

Anonymous said...

I love facebook. Simple, easy and straightforward. I HATE myspace.