Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Weekend Update

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know that it's Tuesday and typically Monday's are the day for summarizing the weekend. Yesterday's unexpected article in the local paper deserved it's mention and so this post got pushed back a day.

On most weeks I would have just skipped the weekend rehash, but this was a particularly good weekend. Sunday morning I was at Living Waters Community Church in Nixa. This is the third consecutive year that I've been invited to be a part of their Fall Festival Celebration. The main event for the morning was singer Paul T. Flemming. I want to encourage you to go to his web site and listen to some of his music. I really enjoy the Caribbean flair that he gives to the old hymns and especially like the music that he has written. It was a wonderful morning of praise and I'm sure that everyone enjoyed the food and games afterwards.

On Sunday evening we had a very special service at Hopedale Baptist Church. It was the ordination service for Les Day. Members from three congregations gathered to celebrate with Les and to affirm God's call on his life to pastor a local New Testament Church. Pastor Terry's message was challenging for all of us.

I really miss being at Hopedale for Sunday morning services. I get handed visitor's cards when I show up and I often ask if anyone can participate of if you have to be in regular attendance to take part in the special events. I'll be there next Sunday for the first time in a month and will miss again the following Sunday! C'est la vie!



Claudia said...

Your talking about music reminds me I have to pick a hymn for a service at the hospital Thursday! Thanks!

Mike said...

Do you realize how disheartening it is trying to be humorous when all the other people are leaving intellectual comments?

C'est la vie!

John said...

Yes, Mike. I do.


What an interesting life you have. If I lived near you I would come listen to you.