Friday, October 17, 2008

My Last Political Blog for '08

Well maybe. I've decided that the reality of this fall's Presidential election is that most of us have made up our minds already and the bantering about of what "that one" said or what my opponent's plan will do (interesting at how everyone can explain their opponents plan as well as their own) isn't going to change anybody's mind. There is so much deception mixed in with a little bit of truth that one hardly knows the difference between the two.

I'm sure that both Presidential candidates are genuinely proud of the United States. I'm sure that they both believe that they are the best candidate for the job. I'm sure that the American voters will let them know which one we believe will lead us out of the current economic mess we're in and back to a world standing that is not one that has diminished over the past eight years.

Living in Southwest Missouri is pretty much the buckle of the Bible belt. The Assemblies of God World Headquarters are located in Springfield. The General Baptist World Headquarters are located across the state in Poplar Bluff, MO. It is a predominantly moral conservative area. As such, most have aligned themselves with the party that claims to be the morally conservative party--the Republicans. At present, Missouri is still a red state but within the margin of error that makes it pretty much of a toss-up. In the past 100 years, Missouri has sided with the winning candidate every time--but once. This year, though there are still the die-hard party faithfuls, there are more and more disillusioned Republicans (myself included) that the balance may tip the other way.

There is so much material available on the web that it is difficult to digest it all. I'm glad that several of my fellow controllers that blog have helped to sort some of them out. Here is an article that another disillusioned-Republican-now Independent-blogger found. It's a long article but one that points to the character of one of the candidates and exposes much that would be unsavory in a President. Thanks, Kevin.

I always enjoy the well written posts from The FAA Follies. While maintaining a very pro-union stance, this blog always recognizes that we (the controllers) and the FAA have (in theory) a common goal of aviation safety. It's unfortunate that the FAA no longer wants input from the men and women doing the job of separating airplanes and would rather rely on the advice and direction from political appointees and hired guns that have never actually given control instructions to a pilot. Here's a post that addresses some of the stupid (my word, not his) lies and half-truths that the McCain campaign continues to spew forth.

For more direct, in-your-face posts, try the Main Bang's insight to Joe the Plumber. Or this stat filled post from Politigal (not a controller). If you haven't yet made up your mind, you still have a couple of weeks. Whatever your decision, make it count by voting on election day. As for me, my yard signs are for Jay Nixon (Democrat for Governor) and Obama-Biden.

You will have plenty to watch and hear for the next couple of weeks if you are in the US. As far as Out of My Hat is concerned, I'm done. (I think)




Great post! I made up my mind a long, long time ago (actually several elections ago)what I was looking for. Politigal's post is brilliant and really full of facts for those still wavering. I just hope this time who I vote for wins.

Kevin said...

I think that the list of disillusioned Republicans is considerably longer than the list of disillusioned Democrats. I'd guess that this election will turn on disillusioned Republicans like myself. We will be a part of W's legacy.

Mike said...

Republican politicians have forgotten what the word conservative means. I think they all watched the movie 'greed is good' and went 'yeah'.

Bilbo said...

If we could get rid of the noisy, useless morons on the extreme left and the extreme right, I think the people left in the middle would probably be able to resolve things and move the country forward pretty well. Unfortunately, we've let the extreme tail wag the political dog for so long that there's not much hope any more. I thought the horror of the economic collapse would do it, but even that wasn't enough. Oh, long as there's radical buffoonery, I won't run out of things to blog about!

Sicilian said...

I think I'm done too. I spent the day listening to friends spew about how Obama was going to share their wealth.
Sweetie and I had to just walk away from those discussions. Tough to argue fundamental deep down beliefs of Republicans vs Democrats.
It doesn't matter who wins. . . . they will both raise taxes. . . .

Anonymous said...

to sicilian:

I'd rather have them raise my taxes than pass this massive debt on to my kids. Crazy that we are spending our children's money here. Yay, so Bush cut taxes; basically, we just traded our tax cut now for our kids to pay for later.


Come on John, I love the political posts. Keep em comin', doggone it.

Mike said...

WOW, things sure do get heated at THIS blog!