Friday, October 10, 2008

Read this post!

I'm cheating today. But this is a very good post--one that is worth the read and will make you think.



Mike said...

You forgot to bold and highlight the word VERY in the link 'good post'. It is a VERY GOOD POST.
I just emailed it to everyone I know. Both of them.

Paul (Blue Eyed Buddhist) said...

Thanks for the compliment, John! One thing that I thought about putting into the post, but eventually left out (because I think it's obvious) is that McCain's advisors are no doubt aware of the negative effects of what they're doing.

Unlike a lot of uber-liberal types, I'm not ready to blame McCain and call him a "racist" because of the tone that his team's message, but I'll say this much: Since Lee Atwater used these types of tactics (and they worked), many of the more-slimy folks in politicis- almost all Republicans- haven't hesitated to use them.

I have to wonder- if they have to use that kind of tactic, knowing what they're doing and who they're appealing to, how can they live with themselves?

McCain actually ran better (in my opinion) when he was just sticking to his own topics instead of slagging on Obama. Too bad he didn't see/do the honorable thing and just stay with that tactic, even if it meant losing. :(

I like your blog, BTW. I don't read it as much as I should but it's good stuff.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link John. That was an excellent post.

Mike H

Anonymous said...

I'm on the blue team. But McCain's behavior is stunning to me. Shows the consequence of win at all cost ambition, even when the cost is yourself, your integrity, your self respect.

If all you have left is hate-mongering as a campaign tactic, it's time to shift gears and lose with dignity.

Thanks for the link.

Mike H's brother

Claudia said...

Thank you again for publishing the link. This is the best thing I've seen this whole campaign in terms of making people stop and think about what drives their decisions on who to vote for.

Something else to think on this election season are the words of James 3: 3-18. Pretty darn humbling stuff!