Monday, October 13, 2008

A Ray of Light; A Glimmer of Hope

I know that I have posted about the tragedies of religion and politics in the past. I have read recent posts by a young man that is so frustrated at being put down by his brothers in Christ because of his political views that today he just prefers not to talk politics or share his thoughts.

Well, today I want to offer a bit of hope. This article appeared in today's Springfield News-Leader. It was written by a local Assemblies of God minister and should serve as an example for all of us that claim Jesus as our Lord and Savior.

I have a feeling that this is just the kind of thing that Jesus was talking about when He said, "They will know that you are my disciples by the way you show love for one another."


And a quick addition: An apology from a friend that recently said, "I don't know how anyone can be a Christian and vote Democrat." Today he said that he was out of line and that it wasn't his place to judge.


Claudia said...

a truly uplifting article! Here's another: -will -be -one -of -the_b_132843.html

Hope I got all the spaces and dashes correct! The author of it is Frank Schaeffer. Claudia

Mike said...

Here's the problem with verifing comments first. I don't know if I beat Bilbo. So when I say the guy left off his list that they are both over 6 feet tall, I can't judge the impact right away.

John said...

Thanks for the link, Claudia.
Just copy and works fine.

Bilbo said...

John, this is a very good post, and the links to the two external articles are equally interesting. I think the story at Claudia's link goes a bit overboard in singing the praises of Senator Obama, although I do agree that he's a more impressive fellow than I had originally believed. I'm still concerned about his long association with his overtly racist pastor, but I have to view that in the context of everything else. You may also be interested in this article on modern McCarthyism from In All Things, the blog of America, the National Catholic Weekly: Let's all try to keep the spirit of sanity and civility alive.